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I have been looking at doing something different other than a beach bikini or swimwear shoot. After researching for a while. I come across with some ideas of beach shoot with beach bathing suits or beach cover-ups.

Once I had a mood board for a beach shoot. I begin the search for a model who would suit the look. And came across Abby’s portfolio. One look at her portfolio, I knew she was the model I need for this shoot.

So I approach her via direct message. She responds back, that she was also trying to find a photographer to do some shoots with too. And would love to collaborate. I send her my mood board for the beach shoot.

A couple of days later, Abby messages me back, saying she is happy with the mood board. As it was distinct from the other beach shoot and would love to help me out.

The next step was looking for a location. I was looking for a less crowded and quiet beach, but couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. One day while I was conversing with Abby, I tell her that I’m having trouble finding a beach with my requirements. As soon as I said what I was trying to find. Abby suggested there is a beach nearby her that’s very quiet and not very crowded, called Canadian Bay.

Ecstatic at finding a beach, I organise the shoot with her at Canadian Bay for a nice Sunday late afternoon. The afternoon of the shoot day, I pack up my camera bag with the gear and head down to Canadian Bay beach. Once we are there, and had everything setup and am about to start shooting. Melbourne weather changes suddenly, to light rain.

I was about to say that we cancel the shoot to Abby. When she suggests that she is happy to pose for a few shots before the rain starts pouring. As long as I’m fine with my camera gear being a tiny bit wet.

I was happy to oblige and take out my camera. But, we only had about 20 minutes for the shoot before the rain came pouring down. The images over here, are the from those 20 minutes. Hope you enjoy them

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